Upcoming Events

Join us as we accelerate awareness of this sector through events and networking opportunities. At CI4SI we seek to build a community of social entrepreneurs and create a space where innovative individuals can learn, share and grow.

PRISM Awards for Social Impact

The PRISM awards were created to honor local social entrepreneurs and showcase exemplary social impact businesses. It is the goal of the Colorado Institute for Social Impact to create awareness of the 4th sector and to celebrate those social impact businesses and social entrepreneurs who are growing our economy while creating impact for our community.

The CI4SI Round Table

The goal of the CI4SI Round Table is to bring together great minds around a new topic once a quarter. This is our primary discussion event, engaging people from all sectors of the economy to look for opportunities to partner and progress.

Networking with a Purpose

Finding like-minded people isn’t always easy, so we put together Networking with a Purpose for those that want to meet others interested in Social Impact. No matter if you are a customer, a business owner, a funder, or just wanting to hang out with great people—all are welcome!

4th Sector Series

Our 4th Sector Series panels are structured to highlight some of our fantastic local Social Entrepreneurs and other experts in the sector. They will share their unique knowledge, the ups and the downs, and the passion they bring to the Social Impact sector.