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What is Conscious Capitalism?

John Mackey and Raj Sisodia wrote the book on Conscious Capitalism in 2013. This idea has been an evolution from companies that started as Fortune 500's, and are operating their businesses differently than most. These organizations are only for-profit companies.


An example for Conscious Capitalism is Starbucks, and they are a great example for a variety of reasons.

Starbucks is one of the first companies to hire veterans coming out of wars in the past two decades. They have done a lot for young people, providing free online tuition assistance for folks that want to get a degree from ASU remotely. They offer benefits for part time workers and they've even begun a pilot program, offering 40 hour a week employees the opportunity to spend 20 hours a week of their time out in the community and volunteering or engaging social mission organizations. Starbucks has just found these programs help their business model and changes how people feel about them when they can see their employees and the community being excited about supporting local businesses. The employees are also excited about working for a company that cares about them, cares about the communities that they're in, and isn't just a corporate giant.

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