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CI4SI has partnered with many of our community's experts to bring you the most up to date and complete information for starting, growing, or converting your Social Impact business. Check out our class list for descriptions and our calendars for dates!


Introduction to Social Impact

Curious about the Social Impact Sector? Wanting to start a social impact business but don't know where to begin? Seeking to spend your money in more impactful ways? Our Orientstion Course is the perfect place to start fresh or brush up your Social Impact Sector knowledge. This course covers a foundational background on the Sector, where it is currently, as well as where we at CI4SI see it going in the future!

SI Legal Entity

Starting an organization is never easy, but starting one that isn't defined with a legal status just yet can be just a little tricky. In this course we will cover several types of legal entities that are available in Colorado with time for discussion and questions about how to determine the status that's right for you. We will cover: formation documents, ownership agreements, intellectual property, employee agreements and much more!

Bookkeeping with Social Impact

Bookkeeping is an important part of any business, and we will cover all the basics of doing that well in this course. But we will go beyond the profit, talking about the double and even triple bottom line of people and planet. There is a constant attention required to balance all of these and our Social Entrepreneur Instructors will talk you through all of it!

Making Meaning with Metrics

So you’re thinking about combining social impact with a business model…now what? This class will help you discover the outcomes that YOU want to measure which ultimately leads to how you tell your story! We will walk through a process that asks questions like…What is your passion? What makes an outcome measurable? How will you know when you are successful?

Every great organization has numbers to back up their impact, what will yours be?

Creating Your Impact Statement

Every business needs a business plan and Social Impact Businesses are no different. It doesn't have to be rocket science but it does need to exist. We will share great starter examples and talk about the key elements that will get you ready for financing and marketing strategies.


Measuring your Impact

So you've decided to measure your impact but now what? This Level 2 class will help you understand what you need in place to ask great questions and get great data in return. We will reinforce the importance of letting your "reason for being" drive your metrics, as discussed in the first class. We will also take a look at the design of getting good data and how to best fit that into your model.

Telling your Social Impact Story

Take marketing to the next level as we discuss in detail how to make your Social Impact stand out in your messaging! There is a fine balance between selling your product or service and selling your mission. We will cover, in this Level 2 course, the intricacies of focusing on your business to stay competitive and letting the dedication to your purpose come through in your quality!

Financing your Social Impact Business

With everything from Recoverable grants to Program Related investments to Impact Investing, there are many ways to grow your Social Impact Business. In this Level 2 course, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of each of these strategies and keeping the group small, exchange ideas about how to do what's best for your model!

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